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Mark Linthicum is movie producer in Los Angeles whose films include “Beneath The Blue,” and “Eye of the Dolphin” both starring dolphins, has found a new appreciation for these intelligent creatures of the sea. After being inspired by “The Cove,” www.thecovemovie.com, the Academy Award-winning documentary on Japan’s slaughter of dolphins, Mark and his team went into action, creating apps that would help shed light on the plight of dolphins and other sea creatures. Creating the iPhone and iPad app “Playing with Dolphins,” was a step in this direction. “Playing with Dolphins” gives users an up-close and interactive experience with dolphins and also provides a link to donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which is dedicated to protecting dolphins and many other sea creatures. Now with Dolphin Alarm Clock we are actively donating a portion of each sale to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society http://www.seashepherd.org/. Please help take part in saving dolphins, whales and our oceans by supporting the cause!


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